Turning plastic waste into biofuel- a world first


Licella, an Australian startup, has signed a $10m joint venture contract with UK company Renewable Chemical Technologies Limited (which is backed by the UK’s leading renewable energy company Armstrong Energy) to build a world-first plant to convert end-of-life plastic destined for landfill. Licella, which is a science-based renewable energy start-up co-founded by Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, developed this unique process in partnership with the University of Sydney to convert low-cost, non-edible, waste biomass into a stable bio-crude oil. http://www.Licella.com.au

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  1. I have read that the oceans are becoming choked with cast off “rubbish” like this and for it to be used for something productive, not just landfill, I think is a terrific idea, even if there are some significant costs attached.

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