World-first metal bending innovation

The FormFlow Bend is a game-changer for the construction industry. It has architects rethinking design and developers reimagining what’s possible. It delivers smooth transitions between corrugated sheet sections at a range of angles. The process can produce sharp bends perpendicular to the corrugations. No need for capping, flashing or complex corner design – just an interlocking join that’s much cleaner and distinctive.

FormFlow’s ‘no gaps’ wall cladding and roofing solution can improve overall energy efficiencies and reduce a building’s environmental impact. It enables corrugated sheeting to be used as a structural (stressed) skin, reducing the need for additional internal framing while greatly improving assembly efficiency and overall appearance.

The result is a stronger and ultra-functional building envelope that morphs the utilitarian aesthetic of corrugated iron into a stylish architectural statement. A simple idea transformed into a truly elegant solution.

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