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We work for people who are driven to make the world better by bringing awesome ideas to life. We’re building a community of entrepreneurs, investors, marketers and anyone with passion for good ideas. Join us  to celebrate the power of ideas and those who have the courage to bring them to life on World Idea Day. www.worldideaday.com


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  1. Great question Lynn,

    No particular significance other than we wanted a date towards the end of the year and one that didn’t have too much noise around it. We want our celebration of ideas to be the loudest celebration in the world!!!!

    • Your idea looks popular Craig!

      We are preparing a public page that will describe any actions that happened resulting from posts on IdeaSpies.

      We’d love to hear of any responses you receive from IdeaSpies supporters that resulted in positive action so we can include them on the page.

      As you know the purpose of IdeaSpies is sharing innovation to inspire action.

      Best wishes

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